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The people I am most proud of:

Belinda, my magnificent wife who has been my partner and best friend for over 25 years. Belinda is running in the ACT Election this year. Click here to see her website

Belinda Barnier

Sam, Life will always be easy because of the way he approaches it, here he is representing the Gold Medal winning ACT Schoolboys Basketball Team at the Pacific School Games. He currently is studying his electrical apprenticeship.

Sam Barnier

Richard (I can be anything I want) who is always smiling and learning. He has the most wonderful outlook on life. Richard has read every book in our house, taught himself the guitar, how to build websites and do the graphics and still has time to fit in playing football in his age group A team. You can see his website at The Waithering.com

Jessica My princess who amazes me with her determination to give everything a go, after winning two Gold Medals for 800m & 1500m at the ACT Little Athletics Championship. She has also represented the ACT Primary School Basketball team at the Pacific School Games 2005 and again in 2006. She also manages to fit in all of her friends and study.
Jessica Barnier

Wal Barnier

(Business & Personal Turnaround Specialist)

Wal is a Business & Personal Turnaround Specialist, Master Coach & Corporate Trainer, he has in excess of 20,000 hours of training and face-to-face coaching. Wal has been studying and training human performance since 1977. He is known throughout Australia as a trainer, coach as well as being a trainer of trainers and trainer of coaches.

Wal has been called the “Coaches Coach” because he has actually built a successful thriving coaching business.

His clients have said that just one or two sessions with Wal is like a year with other coaches. He is motivational without all the hype and empowers you to take charge of your own life.

How can we be so sure that his coaching works? Last year the clients that Wal had the privilege of coaching earnt $10.5 million personally and were in direct control of over of $1.3 Billion of the Australian economy.

Wal has coached and trained teams and Senior Executives from some of Australia’s largest and fastest growing companies as well as everyday people not involved in climbing the corporate ladder.

His coaching and speaking style are straight forward in nature. He uses everyday language to make the process interesting and understandable. Wal has an expectation that you want to be the best you can be and he will strive to bring out this potential.

Wal has built a million dollar company from scratch, as well as being on the Senior Management Team in a number of organisations handling multi-million dollar budgets. His experience and background includes Coaching, Coach Training, Profiling, Negotiation, Sales Training & Sales Management, Business Management, Team Building, Accountancy, and Marketing.

He is a Business & Personal Turnaround Specialist, Member of Coachville, the Young Business Network, the Life Coaching Institute, the China Coaching Association, the United Professional Sales Association, the Young Business Network, the Schmooze Network, World Series Networking and a Founding Member of the International Association of Coaches.

He has represented Australia in Rugby Union. Wal has also competed or coached at elite levels in rowing, shooting, basketball, rugby union and martial arts.

Personally Wal is married (for over 20 years) to Belinda who is a senior executive with the Australian Red Cross. They have three very active children, two are State Level elite athletes and one is an academic all of whom they are very proud. After suffering a stroke and experiencing enormous personal turmoil, loss of a business and a near marriage break-up Wal is fully aware of the difficulties that life can throw up.

Wal has fully recovered from the stroke and now takes pride in creating the space to be fully involved with his children and being part of everything that they do, as well as continuing to grow a fabulous relationship with his wife Belinda. His main goal is to extend his and his family’s potential whilst achieving a balanced lifestyle.

Our Track Record

Below are just some of our achievements.

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Wally Barnier