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Raising Self Esteem

A high self esteem is the bottom line. Anybody who thinks they can generate results on the outside, that are good enough to make them feel good on the inside is having themselves on in mega doses. No amount of success, whether it is financial, emotional, relationship or career is ever going to be enough. The way to do it is fairly simple. There are two aspects:

Step One

Move on to doing meditation three times a week for a month. Within a month, you will notice a difference and that will encourage you to keep going. The more you do it the more you get, the more you get, the more you will do, the better it works. So we have the chicken and the egg - it doesn't matter which one came first - so just get on with it.

Step Two

Another great way to build self esteem is living up to your own personal values. Therefore, what you need to do is get clear on what it is that is important to you in the whole issue of life in general. Sit down and decide for yourself whether honesty is important, where integrity fits, loyalty, devotion, commitment, family, career, skills, success - all those sorts of things - and decide where they fit.

Once you get your own values written down, spend your time living up to it. You need to use your values as a set of guiding principles for getting through day-to-day life. If they become your set of guiding principles then you will be acting with integrity and that builds self esteem.

The other way to work at it is to make a series of small promises each day that you keep. If it looks like you can't keep them, don't make them. Break them down into very small pieces. In other words, practice personal victory first. For example, say "I am not going to lose my temper with the kids until 11:00am and then I am going to blow the shit out of them or maybe I will make a new decision that I can last until 11:30". Then do absolutely everything that is necessary to last until 11:00am. Next time you make it last until 11:15, then 11:20, then 11:30 and so on.

Very small promises that you actually keep build self esteem. It doesn't matter what size the promise is, when you break it (particularly to yourself), you start to learn that you are untrustworthy and that destroys self-esteem, which is ridiculous. Making and keeping promises is the only thing that you can do on the outside level, which will build you on the inside level -with the possible exception of putting your self into the act of "serving" your fellow man.