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Building Your Strongest Foundation

As with any business you start, 100% dedication is needed to ensure that you have maximum motivation to keep you pushing for your goals.

Running a business is never a smooth ride. There will always be some problems waiting around the corner, and if you want your business to survive, you've got to motivate yourself to push through those hard times.

The same is true on the Internet. To be successful, you first need to build a strong foundation. This foundation should contain the following 'ingredients for success'

  1. Dedicate 100% motivation, no matter what happens
  2. The desire to achieve your goals
  3. The ability to cope with any situation, and learn from your mistakes to overcome the problem and adapt to changes
  4. Know the market and your competitors
  5. Be The BEST by offering great customer service!

Follow the points above, and you already have the strongest foundation you could build.

Dedicate 100% motivation, no matter what happens

There are an infinite number of routes that you could take on your path to success. Whatever path you take, there'll always be some problems that you'll need to overcome.

It's at times like this that you can lack motivation. Ironic really, because motivation is exactly what you need to overcome the problem you'll face!

Just remember, that every problem has a solution. Keep this point in mind, and you won't go wrong.

The desire to achieve your goals

What is it that you want to achieve? When you know the answer to this, keep your goal set in your mind at all times.

If you really want to achieve your goals, you will. If you give up to easily because everything 'just isn't going right', then don't expect to go far.

You need to keep that burning desire to achieve success. Keep it, and you're already half way there.

The ability to cope with any situation, and learn from your mistakes to overcome the problem, and adapt to changes.

The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing every day, if the techniques that you're presently using are just not producing any results.

That's why you need to learn from your mistakes, and use this ability to overcome any problem.
Everyday, you shall encounter new issues within your online business. Sometimes a problem will pop-up that you'll need to face.

How will you handle it? Like I said earlier, every problem has a solution. You need to be able to recognise the possible solutions, and use them to overcome the problem.

Know the market and your competitors

If you know where your competition's going, then you'll know where you need to be heading too.

And to rival them, you need to offer something better. Be unique with your venture. Offer something unique that the competition doesn't.

If you're in a 'me-too' situation with your competition (in other words, you're doing basically the same as them), then what's stopping people using your competition instead of you?

Be the BEST by offering great customer service!

Always remember that to profit yourself, you MUST satisfy your customer needs.

Being the best means offering great products/services at great prices. But it also goes much further that just selling things.
You need to offer great after-sale support, and have the BEST customer service that you can offer.

You MUST answer every email within 24 hours of receiving it. If this means employing others for you, then so be it.

Having great customer service will add tons of credibility to your company. It'll also get people spreading a good word about you. If you're willing to help others before yourself, then you're sure to profit much more in the long-run.


If you follow all of the above points, stick with continuous research into the business you're developing on the Internet and continue to offer the best customer service that you can, then you've already got the strongest foundation you need.