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Wally Barnier


Coach Bios

Wal Barnier

(Business & Personal Turnaround Specialist)

Wal is a Business & Personal Turnaround Specialist, Master Coach & Corporate Trainer, he has in excess of 20,000 hours of training and face-to-face coaching.

Wal has been called the “Coaches Coach” because he has actually built a successful thriving coaching business.

His clients have said that just one or two sessions with Wal is like a year with other coaches. He is motivational without all the hype and empowers you to take charge of your own life.

His coaching and speaking style are straight forward in nature. He uses everyday language to make the process interesting and understandable. Wal has an expectation that you want to be the best you can be and he will strive to bring out this potential.

Wal has built a million dollar company from scratch, as well as being on the Senior Management Team in a number of organisations handling multi-million dollar budgets. His experience and background includes Coaching, Coach Training, Profiling, Negotiation, Sales Training & Sales Management, Business Management, Team Building, Accountancy, and Marketing.

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Coaching Alliances

Ignition Coaching has formed the following alliances to help bring you our clients closer to real professionals in the Coaching Industry. We work closely with the following coaches and have huge respect for their skills and expertise in their fields.

Wendy Stamp

(Change of Direction Coach)

It is my pleasure to introduce Wendy Stamp & Unique Direction Coaching as part of our professional alliance program. "As most people know I am continually asked to train Life Coaches and I tend to refuse because they either want to get into Coaching for the wrong reason or they just don't have what it takes.

Every now and then I come across someone with the ability, talent and with such high personal integrity that I can not refuse. Wendy Stamp is one such person." Wally Barnier

Wendy has experience as a Change Agent for one of the largest Public Sector organisations during the establishment of a new government department and providing coaching services to Australia 's leading energy retailer. Wendy has also spent several years leading a team with an international IT Service Provider.

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Karen St Clair

(Australia's leading Stress Reduction Coach)

Karen St.Clair, one of Australia's leading stress management coaches and trainers, she brings nineteen years of experience to her company Saluté Consulting and Ignition Coaching as a stress management coach and trainer who has worked with thousands of Australians in both the public and private sectors.

The principle that underpins the Karen's approach is that living well and performing well is a function of a positive resilient state of mind and a vital healthy body. Our approach is informed by the latest developments in sports psychology and the positive psychology movement - the study of things people do 'right' to maintain high levels of optimism, health, effectiveness, verve and vitality.

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Karen Jamal

(The Communications Coach)

Karen is one of Australia's great wordsmiths & communications experts as well as being a long time friend. Her understanding and use of language is due to her devoting more than a decade to the study and application of written communication.

She has completed a Masters of Letters in literature and is currently pursuing a PhD. Have you been putting off that badly needed procedure or training manual because your staff have enough to do?

Are there letters that need writing or revising to reflect your company's position, inform your customers, or persuade potential consumers to use your product or service? Would you like an eye-catching brochure that tells a potential customer why you are different, and exactly who you are and what you have to offer?

Karen Jamal’s professional communication services can help busy small business people communicate efficiently and effectively. Don’t let your message get lost in translation!

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