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Are You Ready for Executive Coaching?

40% of newly promoted managers and executives fail
within 18 months of starting new jobs


Being a Top Executive or Senior Manager is very demanding in our highly competitive times where there is more focus on the bottom line than ever before!

The question Wally asks is “Who helps the person at the top?”

Very good question!

All of the most successful companies employ executive coaches to help out the Executives and Senior Managers at the top of the tree.


Because they get results and Wally Barnier is no different – only better!

Maybe you want to:

Imagine having your own personal coach to work one-on-one with you…

Challenging and motivating you to be your best…

Providing insight, guidance, encouragement and momentum to move forward…

Helping you to discover and capitalise on new opportunities, both personally and professionally…

Helping you to create that "Blueprint" that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Executive coaching is a formal engagement in which a qualified coach works with a leader in a series of dynamic, confidential sessions. The coaching sessions are designed to establish and achieve clear goals that will result in improved business effectiveness, both for the individual and the organisation.

A coach will help you:

How does Coaching Help?

Executive coaching is not business consulting, organisational intervention, psychological counselling or mentoring. It is one tool in the process of leadership development.

Executive coaching works best when its part of a well thought out development plan. You might for example have a clear idea of the career path you desire, arrange a series of developmental assignments, and schedule regular discussions with your boss. In the context of such a development plan, coaching might specifically aim toward helping you achieve visible and measurable improvement in leadership effectiveness.

Coaching is more powerful when it is undertaken in conjunction with other development tools.

Is Executive Coaching Right for You?

Most managers can easily think of areas in which they could benefit from some expert help or advice, but executive coaches are not qualified to provide all the answers. To decide whether you want a coach or some other kind of counsellor, consultant or confidante, consider these guidelines:

Consider hiring a coach if:

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