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What is Life Coaching?

True success always includes matters of the heart and matters of the spirit.

Customised coaching power sessions as you need them, either over the phone or face to face can enhance success in all parts of life. They are short, highly focused sessions ranging from thirty minutes to one hour.

Whether the problem is building a strategy or building the inner resources to be more effective, these sessions can make changes fast.

Coaching sessions should be custom designed to fit you -- high end sales or the basics, be it:

Are You Realising Your Potential For High Performance?

You have the skills and the desire to excel. But what's the best way to get the results you want? In a competitive and changing workplace, how do you develop your skills in ways that contribute to the organisation and that are also meaningful to you? To sustain competitive advantage, you and your organisation will be challenged to innovate at light speed.

Are you an employer of choice? Are you harnessing individual and collective creativity so people truly identify with the things they are doing?

How Can You Do It?

Top performers in sports and the arts get results by working with a coach. A coach is that special person who enables you to identify your driving needs and consciously closes the gap between the present and your vision of the future.

A coach holds you accountable for learning and applying what you've learned. You then choose to compete because you want to, not because you need to.

At this level, you compete on your own terms; you learn, grow, and evolve.

Close Your Gaps, Take Action, Evolve.

Everyone Wins.

Coaching helps you change the way you think and act in relation to your work. Your organisation grows when creativity and potential are realised. All business efforts are focused from the inside-out; you win, your people win, your customers win, your organisation wins. Your coach will help you realise your potential and see opportunities where you once saw only limitations and obstacles.

Coaching Is About You.

Coaching is a unique partnership based on trust. It is a process as individual as your fingerprint - it takes time and commitment - it's about taking action! During the initial discovery meeting, I will assist you in identifying the key issues you want to address, defining the results you want, and creating an action plan to achieve your goals.

With my support of questioning and discussion, you take responsibility for achieving those outcomes. I use validated assessment instruments; people who understand themselves have a more powerful voice and make a more profound contribution. I work with you on a regular basis, with flexibility to accommodate your schedule. Coaching can be done over the phone, in your office or anywhere you feel comfortable.