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Everybody negotiates all the time, at work, at home, and as a consumer. For some it seems easy, but others view the process of negotiation as a source of conflict to be resisted and avoided if possible.

Negotiation is a life skill.

Fighting Fires without Burning Bridges should be a required skill for entrance to adulthood.

You will gain the Ability to........

Learn more about the process of interest-based negotiating. Enjoy the articles and information within this site, and return frequently, as sections are being updated constantly.

What makes Ignition Coaching & Consulting different from other providers of negotiation training?

Ignition Coaching & Consulting undertakes extensive follow-up with all participants, with contact every month and detailed document follow up following each negotiation.

Negotiation Strategy Assistance

When executives and other organisational leaders need to undertake negotiations involving specific projects or problems, Ignition Coaching & Consulting staff have worked behind the scenes to develop and implement negotiation strategies in a broad range of areas:

Ignition Coaching & Consulting professionals bring a broad range of negotiation experience to the table with organisations in a variety of areas including:

Negotiation Team Enhancement

While Ignition Coaching & Consulting believes that it is best to empower our clients to be able to negotiate on their own, we assist individuals and organisations as active members of their negotiating teams:

Executive Negotiation Coaching

Given the broad range of business experience of Ignition Coaching & Consulting staff, we have provided coaching on negotiation and other business issues to executives across a broad spectrum of topics in several countries: