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Personal Coaching:

What is Life Coaching?

True success always includes matters of the heart and matters of the spirit.
Customised coaching power sessions as you need them, either over the phone or face to face can enhance success in all parts of life. They are short, highly focused sessions ranging from thirty minutes to one hour.

Whether the problem is building a strategy or building the inner resources to be more effective, these sessions can make changes fast.

Coaching sessions should be custom designed to fit you -- high end sales or the basics, be it:

  1. personal development to build personal resources or to eliminate roadblocks
  2. advanced goal-setting
  3. balanced life

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Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching is not consulting or therapy.

Coaching empowers by assuming our clients are the expert, fully capable of achieving their goals, and focuses on supporting them into action.

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Career Coaching

Customised Career Coaching for Executives and Those Who Plan to Be

Whether you currently hold a place in the executive ranks or view that as your next career move, you know how critical it is to use a compelling presentation and effective techniques to attract attention from employers and convince them they need to talk to you.

You probably also recognize the importance of networking, particularly in a competitive market with many highly qualified executives “looking.”

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