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"The thing I like most about Wal Barnier and the team from Ignition Coaching is that they turn up".

After a comprehensive search for the ideal coaching provider, Verykios appointed Wal Barnier, he quickly built credibility and confidence at every level of LAN Systems.

"The thing I like most about Wal Barnier from Ignition Coaching is that he 'turns up'. I mean he fully turn ups. He is incredibly well prepared and genuinely contribute to the effectiveness of our company."

A key element of Wal Barnier and Ignition Coaching' strategy was not to replace the culture of LAN Systems, but to further communicate and develop that culture. He invested the time to truly understand the culture and corporate aspirations and really tapped into the shared values. After that, the coaching streamlined into the context of those values.

He is an integral part of our overall corporate development strategy"

-Nick Verykios, Managing Director of LAN Systems - Australia's 2nd fastest growing company ($8M to $220M turnover in 2 1/2 years)


""Wally is an excellent motivator and very good 'people person'.

He is good at listening and understanding people's issues and problems and helping them see issues from new angles. As a coach he is highly committed and thorough, he shows empathy without being patronising. Apart from this he is 'good bloke.'"

-Stephen Woodhill, Group General Manger Corporate Affairs, Transfield Services


"Wally is astutely professional...... ".

"Wally is astutely professional and has the ability to quickly focus (and get the client to focus) on what is absolutely key for business and personal success."

-Brian Sharpe, General Manager, BCT Group


"Thank you thank you thank you, Wally as you know before we met I was having trouble with my work collegues, I thought they were all out to get me and I was reacting very badly to this to the point I thought I would have to leave the organisation.

By using your coaching program I discovered that the issues were based around my lack of self esteem & lack of communication skills. Using the techniques you taught me I can now advise you that after my last Professional review I have been rated the highest anyone in our organisation can be in regards to communication skills, leadership, team work and management. I feel like a huge load has been lifted. "

- Mary J - General Manager (Finance Industry)


"I have known Wally professionally for over 5 years. His advice has been inspirational, motivational, practical and extremely relevant. I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking executive and life coaching."

-Andrew Blunden, Managing Director of Part Time Professionals & Director Pittwater Business Limited


"Wally has expanded my views on business and life and allowed me to approach my career with an improved frame of mind. He has made me feel like I can achieve anything!"

-Nic Purdue Real Estate Agent


"Wally's coaching has been instrumental in helping me to improve both my personal and working life."

-Tony Pring, Business Development Manager IV & V Australia


"By using the Targeting Effectiveness Tools and the facilitation skills of Wally Barnier the Optus Professional Services Management Team were able to rapidly articulate and document the important issues affecting our group's performance.

We attempted to achieve this by our own efforts in the past, but with limited success.

In addition to a roadmap of activities and action items moving forward, the practical application of the tools were also able to give us a weighting. This meant we were able to prioritise those activities that gave us the most impact quickly.

Our business environment is constantly changing with new staff, strategies and the need to update operational tactics. The Targeting Effectiveness day has proven itself to be highly effective as a reality check on our business. To stay on track, we will undertake this activity every 6 months moving forward."

- Tony Miller - General Manager Infrastructure Intergration OPTUS


"Since engaging Wal Barnier and Ignition Coaching, I have tripled my personal income and gained more time for the really important things. By applying the methods and principles I have learnt through coaching, I now understand what it means to be in control of my life. Coaching gave me the power to see it, plan it, follow the plan and do it. This coaching system works."

- JD General Manager


"A 2 minute telephone call to Wal Barnier helped me negotiate a $40,000 salary increase."

- AP General Manger


"Wally coaches with a compassionate and a holistic understanding of his clients life plan and situation. Results are what matters to Wally but as a client, I experience the results and not the natural challenges associated to getting them. Ultimately Wally "turns-up" to make a difference and relentlessly works as hard as his clients to get there."

- Nick Verykios, Marketing Director, Firewall Systems


He's overqualified...

Wal's extraordinary understanding of, people and human nature and their interactions makes him the ultimate life coach."
"I was amazed at how such profound & insightful ideas could be implemented in a simple fun and powerful way. He really opened my eyes and raised my awareness of peak performance and happiness in all areas of my life. I'm a devoted fan! "

- MS Business Owner & Serial Entrepreneur


$100,000 in one phone call ...

Wal has been my Coach for the past five years. When I consider the cost of not having him on my team - it turns out to be hundreds of thousands of dollars. On many occasions I have rung Wal to run an idea past him and on just one of those occassions he gave me advice which earned me in excess of $100,000.

Around here we call him the $100,000 man. I know from personal experience that the reason Wal continues to be able to perform at this level is that he is out there "doing it" and passing on his learning's rather than just being a talking head.

Thank you Wal.

- BB Small Business Owner (Big Business Thinker)