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Trin to be a Coach

Train to be a Coach

Rich Coach - Poor Coach

12-Session Practice Building on the Internet for Coaches


Session 1 - Introduction. Identifying your most important business goal, your current situation, skills, products, services, obstacles and desires.

Session 2 - Action Plan. Creating an action plan for the next 10 sessions, setting time lines, and identifying the tools and resources you'll need to have to accomplish this.

Session 3 - Target Market. Choosing your ideal target market, identifying the places where your prospects can be reached, looking at the competition, and setting your business apart.

Session 4 - Web Site. Building a content-rich and lead-generating web site, gathering information, details and images for your web site, and choosing the tools for creating and maintaining it.

Session 5 - Mailing List. Putting together a freebie to grow your mailing list, and setting up a sign-up and an autoresponder on your web site. Newsletter publishing and self-promotion.

Session 6 -Products. Identifying the most pressing problems your target market has, and putting your first product together. Ideas for developing a line of products to sell to your target market, to build passive income.

Session 7 -Sales Letter. The basics of writing a well-selling copy to sell your products and coaching programs, discussing the most important elements and putting together a rough draft. Creating a specific coaching program to offer to your clients.

Session 8 -Accepting Payments. Shopping carts, merchant accounts, and setting your fees for maximum reward.

Session 9 -Marketing Strategies (1). Article writing and publishing, setting up successful joint ventures, press releases.

Session 10 -Marketing Strategies (2). Search Engine optimization, discussion boards, teleclasses, e-zine advertising.

Session 11 -Marketing Plan. Creating a weekly and monthly marketing plan for you to implement over the next year, utilizing the strategies you enjoy and can really stick with.

Session 12 -Q&A Session. Answers to questions you've accumulated over the 12 weeks, and about anything else related to growing your business.

By the end of the 12 sessions, you will be completely comfortable and knowledgeable in building your client base and passive income using the Internet. Program may vary depending on your existing skills and your business goals.