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What is Coaching

A coach helps you:

Everyone needs a Coach, someone to believe in your abilities but above all someone to help you set clear goals to achieving the life you want. Having identified these goals, a Life Coach will help you to break them down, prioritise them and realise that they really are within your grasp. You might need to work on your health and fitness, assertiveness, stress management, personal finances, or simply the happiness to get where you want.

Sometimes we limit ourselves and cap our potential. Many talented people get caught up in the belief that they are destined to be stuck where they are. This is usually wrong; Life coaching helps you identify the various elements that have to be addressed in order to achieve a goal.

For example many clients want to earn more. This is fine as far as it goes and in truth we could all do with some extra cash. What we forget is that we might need to develop focus, improve our fitness and balance in our lives before we can demonstrate sufficient value to gain the required increases or promotions.

Coaching will encourage you, motivate and support and quite often challenge you.

Your coach will want you to succeed but only you can do it.

The simple truth is that what you want is out there waiting for you to grasp it.

"Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision, is a nightmare"

A life coach will work with you on a one to one basis. You will agree upon actions and assignments which will be reviewed and your progress monitored. You will receive material via email to support and enhance your tailored coaching programme which will be unique and personal to you.

Why does coaching work?

Coaching works because it brings out your best. A coach believes you have the answers and is trained to bring them out. Coaching also works because of 3 unique features:

  1. Synergy: Client & coach become a team, focusing on the client’s goals and needs and accomplishing more than the client would alone.
  2. Structure: With a coach, the client takes more actions, thinks bigger and gets the job done, thanks to the accountability and focus a coach provides.
  3. Expertise: The coach knows how to help people make more money, make better decisions, set bigger goals and restructure their lives for maximum fulfilment and productivity.

How does coaching work?

  1. The coach helps them solve problems and make the most of opportunities. Homework assignments and assessments are used to continue the work in between sessions.
  2. A coach will help by providing support, structure, accountability, offering advice, helping clients strategise and celebrate wins.

Coaching ISN'T Therapy.

Coaching compared to mentoring

- Coaching is about facilitating self-directed learning and development

Coaching compared to counselling / therapy

  1. Counselling / Therapy tends to look for causes of problems
    - Coaching emphasises new competencies
    - Different rhythm, different tempo
  2. Counselling / Therapy tends to be reactive
    - Coaching is pro-active
  3. Can be too long – too deep – no progress

Coaching compared to training

  1. In training, agenda is fixed by trainer
    -In coaching, client sets agenda (often fluid)
  2. Training tends to involve hierarchical style and procedural behavioural skills acquisition
    - Coaching is about creating sustained shifts in behaviour, feelings and thinking

Coaching compared to consulting

  1. Consultants tend to be experts in their area.
    -Coaches need only be experts in facilitating the coachee’s learning and goal attainment
  2. Consultants have professional expertise, privileged knowledge and know the best way to proceed
    -Coaches help the client find their own solutions

Consultants tend to tell –
Coaches ask the right questions